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Social Positivists

"being an irrefutable proof of God"

Science and religion are not enemies of each other.

Social Positivist is a community based  approach to solving our social problems.

Community is where science and religion are reconciled in grassroots solutions to our social problems.

Unemployment, debt, taxation, inflation, economic and social inequality, pollution and other social costs can all be eliminated when we understand how to remove division from our community.

Social Positivism is a way to help people work together without freeloaders or parasites exploiting the productive sector.


What do you want done?


The church is a light to the world, only if and when it is a proof of God to the world. Understanding and truth is to come to the world through the church. We are a light to the world in the way we live and work for God to prove God. If we are not a light we are not the church. If we do not prove God in our life and works we are not the church; we are not a light. Our light is the fruit we bear as the church of God.


Social Positivists promote usefulness. Social Positivists reject centralized solutions and remedies that require the creation of social hierarchies. These are not useful for they create no value for society.

Social Positivists believe the church is a flat organization. We believe authority belongs at the base. Flat organizations are more responsive to community needs. Flat organizations are more useful.

Social Positivists believe in the principle of subsidiarity.

A market that does not record all inputs and outputs or imposes false values produces economic injustice. Social costs such as unemployment are created when costs are not paid for by the agent that created them. The church is composed of people who take responsibility for the costs they create. 

No one deserves to be unemployed. The church rejects the need for unemployment.


Demand the church be the church God asked it to be.

The church is the body of Christ. Babylon seeks to defeat the plan of God, by defeating the plan of God for His Church. Babylon produced many different kinds of churches. None of them follow the plan God ordained. Social Positivists mission is to restore the Church to its role as the light of God on the world.

Our fruit is changed lives and changed minds and changed hearts and a people who truly are a light to the world.



Subsidiarity is an organizing principle that states matters ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest or least centralized competent authority.

Political decisions should be taken at a local level if possible, rather than by a central authority. (Wikipedia).

All policy must be based on or consistent with the principle of subsidiarity.

Social Positivists position is that:

  • Ownership of local resources is only by locals; no ownership of local resources by non-locals.
  • The systematic elimination of ownership of local resources by non-locals must be pursued.

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